Diano Marina Hotel: your hotel near Sanremo.

Why choose a hotel near Sanremo? Because this city on the north-eastern coast famous for the Italian Music Festival has a lot to offer. Architecture first of all: do not miss the Cathedral of S. Siro, the oldest religious building in the city, the Russian Church with its unmistakable lines, and the sanctuary of Madonna della Costa which - at the top of the Pigna - houses important wooden statues. In the field of civil architecture don’t forget a visit to Villa Nobel. The Villa, named in honour of Alfred Nobel, houses the exhibition "Discover the 19th century" dedicated to the technological development of that period.

Choosing a hotel near Sanremo also allows you to treat yourself to an evening inside its casino (free entrance only for over 18), or to watch a film inside the Ariston theatre, to dream of the atmosphere of the Festival, and to walk by touching the sea along the Promenade of the Empress. And don’t foget the parks: the Regina Elena Gardens with their palm trees, the park of Villa Ormond with its exotic plants.

Sanremo is a place to discover: from the Pigna, its historic heart, up to the smallest corner of the city.

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